About Me

My name is Floor, I am 23 years old/young, whichever you prefer. I'm Dutch, and yes, in Dutch 'Floor' is a very normal name. I have always loved writing, but especially if others would read it. I could never keep up with a diary, and I'm not the type who takes years and years to write a book just because I don't have the patience for it and I just want to talk to people about what I write and have written.

This blog initially started as a way for me to pass the summer, I had a lot of time on my hands and I needed something to motivate me. However, my goal was a bit too extensive which is why I only continued writing a couple of months later. These days I have to write a lot for my Masters degree in Business Administration but once again I face the problem that nobody reads my work. So sad :(. Luckily I still have this blog to write about the fun things in life.

You'll find posts about my studies, thoughts and ideas here, but also more girly things like make up, house decoration, cooking, baking. Basically it's a place where I can ramble on about a lot of things and I just hope you'll like it :).

Please leave comments below if you've enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

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