dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Number 1

Gone are the summers that school ended and I was overjoyed that I didn't have to do anything for the following 2 months. Sitting at home in the garden with a book, watching morning television with my brothers, going to the swimming pool... I can't think of anything else I did when I was younger.

Now there are days that I almost overwhelmed with freedom. That sounds like a blessing but it can feel so restricting at times. So a need a plan to actually get out of the house and enjoy myself before summer is over.

I have no trouble enjoying myself, I love to go for a run, cooking, doing yoga, going out for ice cream or going to the cinema, bike rides and going to specialty supermarkets. Documenting one fun activity or something else I enjoyed per day will help me realize how lucky I am to have so much time on my hands this summer and that is why I will post a picture of something I have seen, done or made every day, from now on. Hopefully it will inspire me and you to find more fun things to do in our own neighborhoods :).

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