vrijdag 20 december 2013

Locked up!

There I was, locked up in a small room in a building full of other people... Nowhere to go, only one thing to do. We all knew this day was going to come, but who could have guessed it would still come as such a surprise?

I had exam week.

I had a retake of an exam last week which was very difficult and stressful for me, last friday I had to hand in a group paper, monday I had a take home exam and them I still had to write a second opinion, do an interview and analyse a whole argument, I thought it would never end. It was tiramisu for every meal over and over again.

Pffffsh i wish i had tiramisu, no deserts for me this week. I did have some really tasty things to eat this week though! The boyfriend has a thing for 'deals' and ordered something like a birchbox for food. I've always wanted to try a birchbox but they're soooo expensive and I'm not sure whether they deliver in the Netherlands, has anyone ever tried getting a birchbox delivered to the Netherlands? Well, the food one is called 'foodwelove', he ordered it from a Dutch site called www.foodwelove.nl. He got a whole box full of exclusive food items; some awesome christmas pancetta, a variation of dried porcini, some great olive oil and a lot more! We made an awesome risotto with pancetta and mushrooms on top, it was delicious!

Mushroom risotto with pancetta bits
 It looks a bit random on my plate but the flavor combinations where aweeeeesome! Trust me!

Then yesterday when I suddenly managed to finish a ton of assignments the food-extravaganza began haha. A pre-christmas dinner yesterday, which to be honest was at a pretty cheap restaurant and I had a stomach ache the rest of the evening. But today I had the beeeeest yoghurt ever, and later an oliebol <3. Thats like a donut in a ball shape, we typically eat it at new years eve and its soooo good!

Yummy yoghurt with berries and almonds
Big bite from my 'Oliebol' :D

And thats it for this week to be honest, I have one assignment left to finish, I'm on my way to my parents place and I'm worn out! It's time to be set free, time for christmas!

Hope you're doing well and that you survived your exam-week if you had one! Let me know what your favorite celebratory food is!

XOXO Floor

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