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Update & vacation/style favourites

Hey there! Happy monday!

*beware: a long and rambly blogpost is following*

There we go, June's almost over and it's officially summer! Time flies when you're busy! It's been a while since I blogged and I feel like the last couple of posts I wrote were more focussed on the recipes rather than on what I was getting up to so I thought it'd be nice to catch up a bit! 

I have finished all of my classes for my master's degree, the only thing left to do now is write my thesis. Technically that should have been finished by the end of this summer but I've bitten of more than I can chew so I'll be working on that a bit longer. It also didn't help that I was finishing up all sorts of things, my committee work for ESN, my last classes, trying to find out what kind of work I could and want to do when I'm finished with all of this, but I seem to be getting nice on track. On top of that I figured that it would be helpful to do an internship, a bit more practical experience never hurt anyone, right? 

Sometimes it does get kind of stressful for me though, imagining what I'd actually like to do when I'm finished, and trying to find out who would actually like to hire me and for what qualities. But I don't think I am the only one stuck with these kinds of questions, or am I? Thinking about that makes me feel a bit more confident. On top of that I am now applying for an internship at a company I've been following for a while, my thesis is starting to take some shape (not physically yet, but my ideas are starting to settle), overall, things are going well! No better time for going on holiday I'd say! 

So this friday I'm leaving to go to Siena in Tuscany, the prospects of spending a week in a country where there is going to be sunshine and 30 degrees all the time is getting me SO excited. At the same time I got this feeling, and I'm pretty sure you are going to be able to relate to this: 'WHAT THE H*** AM I GOING TO WEAR?'. Last week I thought I'd lost my favorite skirt, and that got me so down I actually thought I had only one dress and two pairs of shorts to wear. Luckily when I actually opened my closet I found I had enough summer outfits for three weeks worth of summer vacations haha... (If you'd like me to show you what kinds of outfits I had in mind leave me a comment below, I'd actually might like to do a photo series on that). 

However, going on holiday I think is a perfect time to go shopping, there are always these little things you can buy that'll transform your old wardrobe into a completely new set of clothes if you manage to buy the right things! I chose four things I have bought recently and that I've really been enjoying and that I know are a great addition to my existing collection of stuffs. 

Essie - Go Ginza
To start off: two beauty items. 
The first is this nailpolish by Essie. It is a soft lilac color called 'go ginza', the reason why I think this nailpolish is a great buy right before a vacation is because it is a light color that will contrast nicely with a tan. It also goes with a large array of clothing, it's awesome with pastels of course, but it can also girl up a rough looking jean-jacket. Before I applied two coats of this polish I filed my nails to make them completely smooth. Essie nailpolish is amazing, I've been wearing this for 5 days now and while you can tell it is not a 'fresh paint job', it still hasn't chipped at all! 

Clinique - High Impact Curling Mascara

The next thing you can really treat yourself to before you go on holiday is a really nice mascara. Most of the time I buy drugstore mascaras by Maybelline or L'Oreal but they really are nothing in comparison to this one by Clinique. It is the High Impact Curling Mascara and it makes my lashes curl and voluminous like nothing else! And the best thing about this mascara is that you can remove it with warm water, so no make up remover needed! While I'm typing this I can imagine this might raise questions with some of you, because if you can remove it with warm water, won't it come off in the swimming pool? No, you need to gently grab your lashes between your index finger and thumb to remove the mascara when it is wet, so if you don't touch your eyes while swimming it won't budge or bleed at all! A mascara is a great thing to buy right before you go on holiday because when you've got a tan, you really don't need a lot of make up at all to look great and glowing, the only thing you need is a good mascara! 

See through stripy T-shirt from Primark
This next one is a 'fashion' favourite. I would never claim to be a fashionable person. I wish I had the fashion sense of some of my friends who are amazing at shopping in vintage stores, generally I have to look at them and other people to get inspiration for cool outfits. But I really do like simple clothes with a funny detail to them, and I like to pair it with a nice necklace or a pair of larger ear rings. I bought this shirt at Primark last friday and it really fits the description I just gave about my 'fashion sense' haha. It is a loose fitting high neck tshirt with stripes of black fabric and mesh in between. I thought this would be great on vacation because it kind of covers my shoulders, which I like when I'm carrying my camera around, but at the same time it looks really loose and airy because of the see-through stripes. Obviously I wear it with a tank top underneath, but paired with my necklace that is missing a bead I think I look rather cool ;). Plus it doesn't take lots of space in my suitcase...

Pieces bag
My last vacation favorite is this bag. I bought it only yesterday but seriously I'm in love with this thing.... If you read my blog regularly (or when you scroll down...) you know that I carry around quite large bags all the time. The things I bring with me from day to day... completely useless. The only way to limit this, in my case is to bring a smaller bag! Perfect for on vacation because I think I might have made my back grow crooked because I've been wearing these heavy large bags on my right shoulder for years now... It is a bag by pieces with a cotton front and back with a cool print. On top it has a black zip and the interior has three compartments that are the perfect size for some sunglasses, a phone, passport and some money. It has a large crossover strap which I like because then it won't fall off of my shoulder every 5 seconds! It was love at first sight!

Phiew... what a great feeling to type so much in one go... maybe I should try doing the same for my thesis haha! I hope you've enjoyed reading this, I would really like to hear from you guys! You can just leave a comment below on what your staples are during vacations, follow me on instagram or twitter or go over to my blog's facebook page! I'll talk to you soon :). 

Lots of love,

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