maandag 4 november 2013

ASOS haul and other bits and blips

Happy monday everyone!

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend, I sure did! At the moment I'm on the train, making my way back to my place in Utrecht, it finally stopped raining and I'm enjoying some peace and quiet with a little bit of autumnal sunshine.

Nice little sunny train-ride
My weekend started off really well with the arrival of my ASOS order that I had placed earlier this week. I ordered this pretty, feminine dress and this necklace. The dress fits really nice, if you're thinking about ordering it, you can get away with buying a slightly smaller size than you're used to, the fabric is really stretchy and soft. I usually only wear tops in UK size 6, in dresses I usually need a bigger size (for the hips) but this fits really nice and the skirt is very flowy and has the perfect length. First I quite liked the necklace, its colorful and playful but now I'm starting too doubt, it might be a bit too much for me. As you probably can tell by looking at the dress, especially in autumn i prefer to wear some darker colors, and my style is quite classical... The necklace does not really fit that style... What kind of necklace do you think would look better with a dress like this?

Complete view of the dress
Sweetheart neckline

( Sorry it took so long for me to upload the pictures guys, I wanted to take pictures with my big-girl camera, but in the end I forgot to do so, that is why you are now looking at such crappy pictures haha ;) )

On saturday I went shopping with my friend Anne in Amsterdam, which was soooo much fun because we hadn't seen each other in a while. I didn't buy a lot besides thee pairs of socks and stockings haha. 

Awesome Topshop socks

In the evening I went to see my boyfriend and on sunday I just followed him around until he had to go to work after which I went with his family to a party for his granny. In the evening I got on train to Maastricht because I had to go to the dentist and now I'm on my way back! All in all, a busy weekend! Glad I got you updated in all of my nonsense haha.
So november jas started and what has caught my attention is the overall explosion of movember! The last couple of years it was there, I heard about it, I knew guys who participated but for some reason everyone is obsessed with movember this year! Its on the radio, its on tv, I even spotted Fleurdeforce's husband making a video about participating! I can already hear all of those hipsters mumbling: "but I knew about it way before it became a thing..." haha! 

I hope you enjoyed reading it, leave me a comment telling me how your first november weekend was! 


PS, i am in love with these cookies, does anyone have a recipe that will get me close to these? They are so yummy and crumbly and small, so I don't feel bad for taking more than one ;)

Green apple & almond cookies, yum!!

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