maandag 14 oktober 2013

Window-shopping, lots of sleep and a 160th birthday

Ahhh weekend, I'd almost forgotten what that word meant! (Really, I shouldn't be complaining, I know a lot of people who have even less idea of what weekend means than I do...). Still, I've been looking forward to the past weekend for a while and I've enjoyed it from beginning till end. It was the first time in weeks I didn't have to worry about a deadline during the weekend because I was smart enough to finish most of my work during the week and I had a lot of fun things planned to do, so there wasn't even time to worry about deadlines and exams!
My grandparents both turn 80 this autumn so they organized a big party on sunday for all of their family and friends so that is why Joost and I (Joost obviously is my boyfriend :) ) spent the weekend in my hometown Maastricht. It's always good to be home. I still love the city, especially in fall, my mom always cooks up her best dishes when we're home (or at least, that's what it feels like), and there is lots of time to sleep and just hang out. On saturday we had to get a present for my grandparents and while in town we did a little bit of shopping. Since it is not the best time of the month to be shopping I didn't buy anything major but I did find a nice sweater that is definitely going on my wish-list:
Pretty sweater from Maison Scotch
The sweater is a red/orange copper tone with some gold specks in it, it was sooo pretty, and sooo out of my budget! I did get something that is in my budget though, one of the larger drugstores in the Netherlands had a little deal going on for the brand 'Gosh', and I got such a nice little eyeshadow pallete that I thought I'd show you guys. Now beware: I actually used my decent camera to take this photo, but I'm a rubbish photographer haha :P. In the shot you also see my two current favorite nail-polishes. They're by L'Oreal and they're the best nail-polishes I've ever had, they stay put for a whole week without chipping! I'm wearing the grey nail-polish on my fingers now, I've had it on for the whole weekend now and as you can see, they still look picture perfect! 

Gosh Smoky eyes palette in 03 Plum and L'Oreal nail-polishes in 101 and 617

Nail-polish 617 by L'Oreal

(Fun fact, I wanted to take a close up shot from my nails, and I thought it might be useful to use my macro lens to do that, but because I'm such a noob, I didn't realize that I'd have to get at a cm distance from my nails so that I couldn't photograph my whole hand... obviously I didn't use those pictures whahaha!)

My grandparents birthday was a lot of fun, nice wines, good food, great people (and may I add, a LOT of babies, I think there is a little baby-boom going on in my family). Our present made my grandmother cry, but that's not very difficult to do haha. Now it's time to get back to the real world, one paper was finished this morning and now I should start studying for my exams... 
I hope you had a great weekend as well, I'd love it if you would leave me a comment (or maybe a suggestion on where I could find a similar sweater for a smaller price? :D).

Bye xoxox 

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