woensdag 9 oktober 2013

How to get your room right for studying?

When it comes to working or studying at home everyone has their own preferences, obviously, but during the last week I changed a couple of things in my room to make it a bit easier to spend the day sitting behind my desk.

Now you have to know the following things:

  1. I am a student 
  2. I live in a student-house with 9 other people
  3. We don't have a real common room besides the kitchen (even though our kitchen is reasonably cosy), 
  4. I don't like to study in a library. 
I've got exams coming up and a lot of other different little jobs to do, so even though I don't have any classes to go to anymore, I have to drag myself out of bed each day, sit behind my desk and start finishing some things. The getting out of bed part is essential because sometimes I'm too lazy to even do that and I'll 'study whilst staying in bed', quite a logical decision because the distance from my bed to my desk is about half a meter, so that's not even worth getting out of bed for. Of course, 'working' from my bed never works. I'll end up watching youtube videos, checking facebook a little bit too often etcetera. I don't like to study in libraries because I like to have my 'things' around me, and if I'd have to bring all of my 'things', the librarian would probably get a bit angry with me. That is why I organized my desk area a bit more, I'll leave all my study and work related things on the desk, everything in their own place and then I'll HAVE to sit behind my desk to work. I'll show you a picture of my desk:

My little desk
Wow... on the picture it looks really cluttered, but really, for me everything I need is on that desk and everything has its own place... First of all you see my MacBook. I love apple, have since I was 14 or so (that's almost 10 years haha!). Most of my work involves writing or reading, so that's why I need my laptop. In front of that (closer to the camera) is my knitting, the fascinating combination of two worlds don't you think?... As I wrote in my previous post, it can get quite addictive at times, but it's a great way to relax as well. In front of my laptop is the book I'm currently reading (about Strategy, Control and Design, not the most exciting stuff) and in the right corner of my desk is my pot of tea and a tea glass. In the left corner of my desk I put up all of my magazines and folders for my job. Before I used to make piles on the table but that would make everything so cluttered... This a lot easier to organize. In front of that a bowl of apples and a mug with some pens. The poster on the wall is from one of my favorite magazines called 'Flow', it is Dutch but they've made an international version recently as well. I can really recommend it, if you want to take a look at their website you can click here. Under the poster my kettle and some photo frames and behind my desk a wooden chair with a nice pillow on top. There are some other little things on my desk such as a notepad, some pieces of paper and a cotton pad (because I did my make up at my desk as well), but that's not really worth getting into. 

What makes this work for me so well is the fact that I have a place to store my files and currently used books and I've always got a pot of tea in my vicinity. I actually keep the curtain in front of my desk closed, and the curtain above my bed open, otherwise I wouldn't stop peeking over my laptop screen to the 'real world', because that would really be distracting ;). 

That's it for my desk, but I did something else... I rediscovered some 'fairy-lights' (or 'christmas-lights' as I would call it literally translated from Dutch) and hung them above my bed, so pretty <3. Actually you see my laptop on my bed in the picture below, obviously I wasn't studying or working anymore when I took that picture ;).
Fairy-lights, ahhw <3
Let me know what you think, and if you have any tips to make my desk more organized you can just leave me a comment or send me a message in any other way :). 

xoxo Floor

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